What is Homes for Ukrainians?

HomesforUkrainians.co.uk is an independent website created in response to the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the Ukraine.
The website is a public platform that enables Ukrainian refugees to connect directly with people in the UK willing to open their homes and act as Sponsors under the Governments 'Homes for Ukraine' Scheme.
We are the introducer NOT the matchmaker. That is the responsibility between host and refugee.
We hope that the website supports the ambition of the British public in their desire to help the Ukrainian people and provides the opportunity for refugees to come to Britain to find security, support and shelter.

How does it work?

Hosts - list their offer of accommodation on this website by completing a short form.
Refugees - search our 'Find a Home' listings and contact the host directly by creating a message from our platform which is then securely emailed to the host. It is the host's responsibility to reply to the refugee.

Who's behind this platform?

HomesforUkrainians.co.uk has been developed by Hedley Aylott (UK) and Zdenek Burda (CZ). We are former business colleagues who worked together in the area of internet marketing and ecommerce for the last 20 years. We feel compelled to help our fellow citizens of Europe as they face the most unimaginable personal trauma and suffering.
We will be constantly developing the platform to make it as helpful to our users as possible. We welcome your feedback so if you have any suggestions please contact us below.

How can you help?

There are two important ways you can help this initiative:
  1. List your home and become a sponsor of the government scheme
  2. Share this website widely across your social networks, friends and family

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